How about $105 of free product? YES PLEASE!

You'll jump for joy when I tell you what savings there are to be had this month if you join my team!  

The Starter Kit is already a fabulous deal containing $235 of product of your choice for only $169.  Plus save on shipping, plus get an ongoing minimum discount of 20% off anything in store.


Join during November and you only pay...wait for it...$130.  That's an instant $105 of free product PLUS free shipping PLUS 20% off all products while you remain a demonstrator.  

And if you stick with me for a while and advance to the next title then you'll get 25% off, and the savings just grow from there.

Best of all you get to join in a world wide community of crafters.  Honestly, it's what I love most about being a demonstrator. 

Don't want to sell?  You don't have to!  
Don't want to run classes or workshops?  You don't have to!  
I have lots of hobby demonstrators in my team, and in fact, that's how I started out.  If you are interested in building a business then all the tools are provided to you in this starter kit as well and there's training offered by Stampin' Up and me of course.

How can you possibly say no to this deal?  Jump on board and join before 30 November.  
I'd LOVE to have you as part of my team.  We'll have so much fun together.

Have questions? Shoot me an email or give me a call on 0402 474 074.

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