Warming Cups of Tea

I had an afternoon of colouring-in therapy recently and these two pretty cards are the result. Do you have a favourite?  I can't decide whether I prefer the natural looking one with only water colour paper, or the one where the watercolour paper has been mounted onto coloured cardstock...

These cards actually took a lot longer to make than you'd perhaps think.  But using a heat gun to set the ink would speed things up if you don't have the leisure to let the water dry between each different colour as I did.

Instructions for the watercolouring:

1) Mask off the area that you want to colour using washi tape.  I added wide washing to all four outter edged and thin washi tape in the middle for the two clear lines.

2) Stamp your images in Stayzon Ink (Memento ink will run when you add water to it).

2) With an Aqua Painter, add clear water to the water colour paper only in the area you'd like the colour you're about to use.  

3) Ink up the tip of the aqua painter with as much or as little ink as you'd like and drop that ink in coloured water droplets onto the wet area of the card.  This creates a bubble of water which eventually dries.  It is this method which gives the finished result that hard edge which I so love with watercolouring.  If you don't want that edge, just colour straight onto the paper and don't allow the water to pool.

4) Allow paper to dry (use a heat gun tool if you are short on time).

5) Repeat steps 2-4 with each remaining ink colour.

For the first card I flicked ink onto the plain watercolour paper so that it wasn't so plain.  In the second card I've mounted the watercolour paper onto coordinating cardstock.  I like the look of both - how about you?

Remember to use Stayzon Ink when watercolouring as it is alcohol based and so won't bleed when you add water on top.  (I'll make up a video tutorial on this in a few week's time so if you don't already follow me on YouTube here's the link to go to my page and subscribe.)

Stamp Set: Tea Together
Dies: Tea Time Dies

Happy crafting,
Fiona x

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