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Have you ever noticed how eucalyptus leaves often have a blueish green look to them?  That's exactly what I wanted to recreate when I stamped the wreath of this card.  How do you do it?  Spritzing baby!  Spritzing!

I thought I made a video on how to spritz but I must have dreamt it because I cannot find it anywhere!  Perhaps I thought about making it and then didn't.  So I think in the coming weeks I will film a Tuesday Tutorial (my weekly Facebook Live video - have you been tuning in?) on how to spritz and show you this exact wreath because I just love how it turns out with the mottled colours.

Over the top of the spritzed wreath I stamped the flowers and used a marker pen to add some dots.  To finish off I lightly sponged the background.

Here's everything you need to make this card yourself.
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This card is a CASE of one of Carolyn Bennie's cards becuase I just loved every single thing about it! Thanks, Carolyn!  You are so talented!

Happy crafting,

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