Crazy Crafters Blog Hop with Rachel Tessman

Rachel had some beautiful designs to pick from for our latest Crazy Crafter Blog Hop theme where we CASE (Copy And Selectively Edit) a project made by our guest designer.  I couldn't go past these Smoky Slate + one colour cards that she made.  

I went with a wedding theme in my card to give to a very good friend of mine who got married yesterday.  I know he's a guy and guy's aren't that "pink" but it's hard to get away from when designing a wedding card!

Do you ever look at a card you thought was fine and then second guess your decision on something? I think I should have stuck my ribbon the other way around now, with the tails hanging out!  (Double oops, I just discovered that ribbon is retired - sorry!  Add whatever you have to hand that you think matches!)

Blog hop line up:

Happy crafting,


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  1. Your wedding card is beautiful - a very special memento that I'm sure will be cherished. I rather like the ribbon the way it is - I like that "tab" effect - especially for a more masculine look!

  2. This is simply gorgeous! I love how soft it is and the tab effect of your ribbon looks great! stop second guessing lol

  3. Stunning and Elegant card! Just Beautiful!

  4. Very pretty card Fiona! I am sure they would have loved it!

  5. Beautiful, elegant card! I love the ribbon just the way it is. Brilliant.

  6. You are the queen of clean, love your simple elegant designs Fiona, and of course the touch of pink:)

  7. Beautiful card Fiona. Love the soft colours.


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