More RAK love from you to me

Wow I have been so spoilt with more lovely cards from around the globe from those of you who have sent me replies to my RAK cards in June.  I wanted to share them with everyone because they are all so different and gorgeous!

The shaker card on the left is from Lizzie in Belgium.  It's her first time making one and my first time receiving one (I haven't made one either.)  And the fun card on the right is from Jacki in Western Australia.  I just love the owl, I wonder if he makes me wiser?

After I took the above photos another stunning card came in the mail.  This one was all the way from the USA.  Big thank you to you Mary for sending warming thoughts as I shiver through winter here in Melbourne.

Thank you again!  Big crafty hugs to you three,


  1. You're welcome! I'm glad my wintry card arrived safely!
    -Mary ��

  2. This RAK thing is so great! We should do this more often all over the world.

    1. You're so right! I love the "ripple effect" of RAK. The people who have sent me cards in return have all told me how much mine brightened their days and that just makes me want to do more Random Acts of Kindness.


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